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Red Card Sketch 23/06/14

Wil Wheaton

I have a confession to make. I was never really into ‘Star Trek’ growing up. I didn’t hate it, it just wasn’t apart of my childhood or teens. Now as an adult I’ve gotten more into the series, and Next Generation is my favourite. I’m just telling you that I wasn’t introduced to Wil Wheaton as the actor who played Wesley Crusher, or as Joey Trotter from ‘Stand By Me’ like the rest of you may have. I first saw Wil Wheaton as himself on ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

Now I could talk about the other show’s that I’ve seen him in, like ‘A Town Called Eureka’ or ‘The Guild’. But the show that I love, the that I decided to re-watch while I was drawing this, the show that I’m going to link to down at the bottom, is Table Top.

If you want to watch a show about table top gaming then you’ll love this. I showed it to my Dad, and he enjoyed it so much I can see his next couple of Birthday and Christmas list mainly containing games from the show. He bought Zombie Dice a couple of weeks ago which we’ve been playing every now and again. So thank you Wil Wheaton and looking forward to Season 3.

The Next Red Card Sketch is the first person on Twitter, which turned out to be cosplayer Lindsay Elyse.

Wil Wheaton Tumblr Page:

Table Top Youtube Playlist:

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